There are a number of web sites that offer some quick help to those with legal trouble who are not yet ready or able to talk to an attorney.

Justice for All is a project of the Tennessee Supreme Court where you can find links to other helpful websites, how to contact lawyers or other agencies in your county,  forms and instruction books, ways to help yourself with your legal problem, and information on the Tennessee court system.

Tennessee Free Legal Answers is a web portal where Tennesseans can ask advice from a licensed Tennessee attorney. Visit the website to email a lawyer to ask a question about your civil legal issue. This is a free service. First, you will give some details about yourself. These details will be used to see if you qualify for the help. Then you’ll post your civil legal question so a lawyer can offer legal advice and information about your issue. You’ll receive an email when you receive a response. The site used to be named Online TN Justice, but its name changed to match other states when the model went national.

HELP4TN is a  web portal designed to provide Tennesseans with a broad range of legal and social services resources in a one-stop venue.

The Legal Information Institute offers a free online database for legal research. The LII publishes electronic versions of core materials in numerous areas of the law, both on the web and in other electronic products. They range from the Constitution to the U.S. Code, from Supreme Court decisions to the Code of Federal Regulations.